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COMMENT | With logic like Annuar Musa's, who needs spin doctors?

COMMENT | When Mahiaddin aka Muhyiddin Yassin, surrounds himself with idiots, then however daft or incompetent he is, he will end up looking like the smartest man in the cabinet, possibly in all Putrajaya.

Otherwise, why would Mahiaddin choose Annuar Musa as his Federal Territories Minister? You and I would not entrust any of these Perikatan Nasional (PN) politicians to run a pisang goreng stall.

We have seen the performance of Umno-Baru politicians over the past few decades and we know not to elect Mahiaddin as PM, or minister, and would not give him a second glance even when judging a nasi lemak competition.

However, as a result of one man giving Mahiaddin the mandate to rule, we are now saddled with the problems created by these clueless Putrajaya behemoths.

At a forum organised by Harakah Daily on June 23, Annuar gave a few reasons why some Malaysians flouted the rules governing the coronavirus lockdown. It is amazing how one forum has managed to expose the sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of the PN cabinet...

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