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COMMENT | Why does the PN regime get away with disrespecting the royal institution?

COMMENT | What I like about Hannah Yeoh’s tweet, is that it neatly demonstrates with few words, how race has been weaponised in this country. It also gives us an indication, why the Perikatan Nasional (PN) regime will never throw in the towel, when it comes to this fight for its survival.

While the Malay establishment wars with itself, with various factions either attempting to prop up this regime or collapse it for self-interests, the average Malay partisan is attempting to find terra firma (solid ground) when it comes to the quick forming sinkhole of what used to be sacred Malay preoccupations.

What this pandemic has also done is expose the hypocrisy of the race and religion crowd and demonstrated how supposed sacred cows, in Malay politics, are not so sacred after all. Yeoh is right, if Tommy Thomas had made such a statement when Pakatan Harapan was in power, the Malay establishment would be calling for his head.

Furthermore, the DAP would be blamed – because the DAP is blamed for everything by this crowd – and this would have become, a horse manure talking point, about how the non-Malays do not respect the royal institution.

Kudos to Lim Guan Eng drawing attention to “… Idrus (Harun)’s sudden boldness against the Agong and the rulers now?” and for neatly pointing to the absurdity of the attorney-general’s (AG) argument when it comes to “cabinet” deciding when Parliament can reconvene. The line of reasoning by DAP’s Beruas MP, Ngeh Koo Ham, regarding this matter is in line with most mainstream constitutional law experts, or at least those I have been in contact with.

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