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COMMENT | Musang King is the unfinished story of the real Malaysia

COMMENT | The latest shambolic mess in Putrajaya is not the real story of Malaysia because the tale that best reflects the true state of the nation is what is happening 100km away in Raub.

The mess in Putrajaya is the consequence of 52 years of manipulating the 4Rs (race, religion, royalty, rasuah) to benefit a small minority; but the story of the Musang King farmers of Raub is a story about “might is right”.

Few people want to speak about this badly kept secret, probably because of the threat of sedition.

The run-ins between the Musang King farmers and the Pahang government are a reflection of how Malaysians have been treated by the authorities. Expand this story on a larger scale and we find many common parallels. Malaysians are bullied by Putrajaya in similar fashion to...

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