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With apologies to Friedrich von Hayek's title of a critique of Keynesian ideology, I write about our academic serfdom. We are now at a juncture wherein the commanding heights of our intellectual freedom continue to be patrolled by politicians.

Academicians must now call for a jihad for the free market of ideas to reign. We must allow the unfettered growth of schools of thoughts the Asli school, the Bangi school (UKM), the Petaling Jaya school (UM), the Shah Alam school (UiTM), or even the Sintok-Changlun school (UUM) - to reign over the unstimulating yet hegemonising school of thought of Putrajaya.

We must allow our learning institutions to be inspired by the work of historical powerhouses of ideas such as Plato's Academy, the Baghdad School of the Khaifah Al Rashidin, the Al Ghazalli Circle, the Salon of the Paris Commune, the Berlin Council of Logical Positivists, the Vienna Circle, the Annales School, the Frankfurt School, the Chicago School, the Ali Shariati School, the Birmingham School, the Havana School of Che Guevara, or even the less respectable Bretton Woods School (of the World Bank-IMF instrument of global domination) and many others that do not succumb to the controlling interests of the politics of the day.

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