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COMMENT | If I am a hungry recipient of a food basket, the last thing I would care about is to remember the photo or party logo of the giver if the rations come from politicians.

It’s not that I am ungrateful but I am just too weary to bother about those advertisements/stickers on the items. I am probably very hungry too and my priority is to fill my stomach in order to survive till I get my next meal. And I do not know when I will get to eat again.

So, if you are a politician trying to advertise yourself on the food basket, don’t waste your time. Yes, the recipients are grateful but they are just not in the right frame of mind to remember you.

How do I know this? Feedback from NGO volunteers. Some who observed the recipients opening their “gift” noticed that they were quick to tear off the wrapping and discard them, paying no attention to the photo/sticker at all.

They just want to know what food was given to them for consumption, not anything else. But they would politely thank the volunteers for delivering rations to them.

Early this month, someone forwarded two photos to me – one, a roti bun with the photo and name of a federal minister (from Bersatu) and two, a man wearing a mask (said to be a YB but unverified) from the opposition sticking on his party logo on packets of nasi lemak (the ones you can get for RM1 each).

Seriously, how low can these politicians go? Photo and logo on roti and nasi lemak packets. I wonder who started such a cheap...

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