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COMMENT | Tawfik remembers his father, Dr Ismail

“We have wasted our time for 60 years trying to find our way, not just for the nation but how far we progressed in our goals.”

– Tawfik Ismail

COMMENT | In this extensive interview, Tawfik Ismail, the eldest son of the late Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, shines a light on his father’s legacy.

Ismail (above) is always characterised as a “reluctant” politician which basically means, the clash between one’s ideals and the realpolitik of the job. The political turmoil we are witness to today, are the chickens coming home to roost, of political plays back in the day.

Tawfik is cut from the same cloth as Ismail and the big question is, will history repeat itself, for a son, whose personal and political views mirror that of his father?

As someone who has left and returned to the political arena, what kind of politician do you think your father Ismail was and could his "moderate" approach survive in Umno today?

It was his memory and observation of politics in Australia as a student after the restrictive colonial restrictions he experienced in Johor Bahru...

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