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COMMENT | Political pandemic pandemonium

COMMENT | Forgive the heading. I couldn’t resist the alliteration. As is, I dropped “parliamentary”, concerned it would be overkill.

On to serious matters… sort of, more like farcical matters (resist alliterative “faecal”).

If the Malaysian body politics was a patient, it is plugged into life-support drips and monitors in an ICU.

The Perikatan Nasional government has been labouring for a couple of years, its sickly pallor and half-hearted energy giving the lie to its insistence that it is hale and hearty, in the pink of health, gathering strength with every passing day.

The events of the past week in Parliament and the palace and (as of this writing) the streets of Kuala Lumpur filled with black-shirted youths, are just a visible eruption, pustular signs of a deep-rooted affliction.

I am old enough to have sat for an examination for the...

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