COMMENT | Tony Pua’s disingenuous political gambit

"It is times like these that we hope we have strong independent institutions that will focus and perform their duties to meet the real needs of the people when what is essential gets blurred in a struggle for power."

– S Arutchelvan

COMMENT | DAP lawmaker Tony Pua wants us to think long and hard. He wants us to think if it is better to kick out the Perikatan Nasional (PN) regime (which means the possibility of kleptocrats getting back into power ) or putting up with an incompetent PN regime “just a little while longer” until the next GE.

First of all Pua, in case you have not noticed, most people are struggling in this pandemic attempting to make ends meet all the while acutely aware that the rules apply to them differently than they do to politicians.

When you are struggling to put food on the table, you do not really have time to ponder on the blunders of the political class beyond thinking that maybe, just maybe that the people you voted for have your back. This just goes to show you how out of touch some people are when it comes to the average Joe rakyat.

Secondly, what does Pua (above) mean by tolerating the regime, just a little while longer?

When you have hundreds of people dying a day, and the opposition claiming that the pandemic and the response to this pandemic by the state is the reason this is so, is Pua really presenting this choice of tolerating this regime - tolerating the deaths of hundreds of people - just a little while longer so Pakatan Harapan has a political advantage in the next general election against the court cluster a...

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