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Malaysias higher education: how high can it be? (Pt I)

LET'S face it, Malaysia's higher education is in an abysmal state. According to the latest global university rankings produced by the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES), our 'prestigious' Universiti Malaya (UM) continues to slide, causing serious concern among the public as well as the education establishment. Some government officials complain the criteria used by THES are too subjective, while UM Vice-Chancellor Rafiah Salim opines it is perhaps time that UM shake off its burden as the "leading" university of the country.

However, it is better for one to adhere to the rule and stop complaining that the rope is simply too thick and rough should one choose to play the tug of war. After all, there were no grumbling voices when UM was erroneously placed at 89 in the THES global rankings two years back, a mistake that THES readily admitted later. Instead, self-congratulatory banners were everywhere in the campus. I now wonder where have all the banners gone. Anyone can see we are a lousy loser.

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