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COMMENT | Let's see how events turn out under Ismail Sabri

COMMENT | During the last 17 months, after Perikatan Nasional took over the government from Pakatan Harapan, I had several times discussed the idea of having a unity government or even a confidence and supply agreement. It seemed to be the best way in a situation where the government just seemed to be so unstable.

All throughout that period, both the opposition and the ruling government kept playing the numbers game. Both claimed to have the numbers to make the majority, yet neither side ever produced any concrete evidence to show to the public. There was no vote of confidence in Parliament or any of that sort. There was an emergency declared, though.

And when things took a turn for the worse with regard to the pandemic and eventually the economy, all we could see is that the politicians, MPs and ministers were just squabbling for power. It seemed like the people’s well-being was put in the backseat because these elected leaders seemed to be more obsessed with other things.

The opposition and others wanted the Perikatan Nasional government under Muhyiddin Yassin to be replaced. They called for a motion of no confidence, of which, naturally, it was ignored. Again, some people (it wasn’t just me, okay?) mooted the idea of a unity government. But with how the two sides have been at daggers drawn, it was unlikely they could ever come together.

Eventually, Muhyiddin Yassin caved in and decided to resign, seeing that his leadership was constantly being questioned. Oh, and of course, there was that dozen or so Umno MPs who withdrew support for him. But before he resigned, he did offer a slew of reforms in exchange for the support of the opposition.

I have to admit that it was pretty enticing. Among Muhyiddin’s offers were to enact Undi18 immediately, limit the prime minister to having only two terms in office, and equal allocations for opposition MPs. Was this going to be the closest to a unity government...

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