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COMMENT | Why only blame Anwar for Harapan's setbacks?

“In conclusion, the arms of others either fall from your back, or they weigh you down, or they bind you fast.”

– Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

COMMENT | As someone who is a critic of Anwar Ibrahim but still could make the argument that he deserves his chance at Putrajaya, I find all these rumblings that he should step down rather puzzling.

The electoral victories made by Pakatan Harapan in its various iterations were made possible by Anwar, even though some (now) argue that he really didn’t play a part in any of it.

Breaking BN’s two thirds and winning states was something that was unheard of. Now, this is not some sort of plea to emotion but rather a reminder of what a potent opposition could do against an entrenched regime.

These were victories, maybe not ones that handed Harapan the keys to Putrajaya but they made the opposition into a viable threat and a possible alternative to BN.

Now of course no leader is indispensable and the fact that younger Harapan political operatives are not up to the task of assuming leadership says...

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