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COMMENT | Keluarga Malaysia or Keluarga Umno-Baru?

COMMENT | If a man is known by the company he keeps, what does that say about a prime minister, whom the rakyat did not choose, who keeps on promoting the wrong people and who rewards failure?

On Sept 7, Ismail Sabri Yaakob told Malaysians in a Facebook post that he had had discussions with the convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak, about the economic challenges faced and the various steps needed to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ismail Sabri said, "Najib is committed to contributing time, energy and ideas as a team for the sake of Keluarga Malaysia.”

Does Ismail Sabri's version of Keluarga Malaysia equal a family of kleptocrats and traitors? Is it Keluarga Malaysia or Keluarga Umno-Baru?

A newly installed prime minister tries to do his best for his nation by introducing new ideas and nominating capable people to help him administer the country. Is Ismail Sabri incapable of running Malaysia without running to failed people to help him?

He recently appointed Muhyiddin Yassin to head the fight against the Coronavirus. Did Ismail Sabri forget that Muhyiddin is a failed PM, whose strategies to contain the spread of the virus were ineffective, that public dissatisfaction led to him being ousted? If that was not bad enough, Muhyiddin was then given ministerial status.

Next, Ismail Sabri appoints...

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