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COMMENT | Bring on the elections. It’s our best option

COMMENT | Let’s not pretend anymore. We have to face the stark reality that things are not alright in the country.

Sadly, all we have been getting are bad news, day after day. And do not expect to hear gladder tidings because there will be none if our political crisis is not resolved.

As a nation, we are sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss. Some say we are not a failed nation yet, but we are getting there, slowly but surely.

Bloomberg has commented that “it may only be a slight exaggeration to invoke the dreaded label of a failed state for Malaysia as the nation is beset by multiple crises - social, economic and political - fed and worsened by each other.”

Well, that international source was quoted for a reason - so we know that our friends (and foes too) all over the world are watching us, some sneering and others sympathetic towards us.

On the political front, we should bow our heads in shame really. Our elected representatives can turn from allies into foes overnight, they keep making promises they know they couldn’t keep and will not hesitate to sell their souls to the devil for as long as they could remain in power.

This is politics never seen before...

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