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COMMENT | That’s how Tawfik Ismail aptly described Dr Mahathir Mohamad when launching the book Paradise Lost: Mahathir & The End of Hope, penned by a former diplomat Dennis Ignatius.

Malays have always had a soft spot and trust in bomoh rather than in science or vaccines. Many still see the bomoh and get spiritual water for their children before any critical school examination.

Many Malay politicians also seek guidance from their bomoh before they embark on something they consider important. A friend of mine, a politician from Pahang, died tragically in the process of seeking bomoh power to further his political ambition.

Mahathir had prescribed many solutions to the Malay problems. Some have been proven helpful, and Malays have achieved short-term economic progress since Merdeka. It is no surprise that the awe Malays generally have for bomoh also kept Mahathir in power for 22 years.

It is also true when...

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