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COMMENT | With the country adrift, what will save Malaysia?

COMMENT | Since the inception of Malaysiakini, I have contributed countless articles, mostly touching on the morality of governance.

Malaysiakini remains a credible and unfettered platform for that purpose - to openly advocate for, among other things, administrative justice, a decent society and the upholding of truth in reporting.

More Malaysians are speaking out, organising themselves, and acting to effect change; otherwise, silence will be manipulated as consent and worse, victimised as the 'silent majority'.

The common thread in most of my writings, for all they are worth, is the politics of righteousness.

Righteousness is another word for moral integrity or uprightness, something given short shrift in much of governance today yet it is foundational to a democratic nation's success.

Appallingly, the kind of politics we have seen so far with its ceaseless scandals has damaged Malaysia and its image abroad. It is in danger of destroying the nation.

The sickness is politics without moral scruples. It is the disease of political expediency, corruption, decline, and inevitable doom. The rule of law has yet to chew up the felons, though it has bared its teeth and bitten a few big political fish.

In my last article, I advocated for Anwar Ibrahim to replace Muhyiddin Yasin. It did not pan out as I had hoped. I received brickbats from his detractors for my suggestion.

I understand, for Anwar has warts...

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