MP SPEAKS | Ismail Sabri must take urgent steps to reduce Covid-19 fatality rate

MP SPEAKS | The National Operations Council reported that 196 people died in the May 13 riots in 1969 comprising 143 Chinese, 25 Malays, 13 Indians and 15 others.

Since Ismail Sabri Yaakob became prime minister on Aug 20, 49.4 percent of the cumulative total of Covid-19 deaths of  27,113 has occurred, which comes to more than 68 times the total of 196 deaths recorded during the May 13 Incident.

In answer to a written question by the DAP MP for Bangi, Ong Kian Ming, the Health Ministry said that of the 471 Covid-19 deaths last year, 127 (26.96 percent) deaths were Malay, Chinese 56 (11.9 percent), Indians 15 (3.18 percent) while 273 (57.96 percent) were "lain-lain".

Meanwhile, from Jan 1 to Oct 3 this year, there were 26,212 Covid-19 deaths, out of which 8,886 (33.9 percent) were Malay; Chinese 2,815 (10.73 percent); and Indians 1,746 (6.67 percent) while 12,765 Covid-19 deaths (48.7 percent) of the fatalities were "lain-lain".

This is an unacceptable answer as there is no differentiation between “lain-lain” who are Malaysians but not Malays, Chinese, or Indian from non-Malaysians who are mostly foreign workers.

So far, it is established that among Malaysians, a total of 9,012 Malays, 2,871 Chinese and 1,761 Indians have died – making a total of 13,644 Covid-19 deaths representing some 70 percent of the total fatality during the May 13 riots – which represents an exponential increase from the May 13 riot deaths.

The Health Ministry should issue a clearer answer, making a distinction between the “Others” who are Malaysians and the “Others” who are not Malaysians – and for foreign workers, giving their respective countries of origin.

The prime minister must regard the rate of Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia as unacceptably high and devise immediate measures to lower the Covid-19 fatality rate.

LIM KIT SIANG is a DAP veteran and MP for Iskandar Puteri.

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