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COMMENT | Pandora Papers: PM must take full control of nation's fate

COMMENT | The recent expose of the Pandora Papers has unearthed the humongous outflow of cash reportedly in the billions, being deposited at off-shore banks overseas allegedly by our politicians, former national leaders and their families and several high-profile individuals.

In the current Parliament sitting, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim had requested the speaker to debate the Pandora Papers in view of the staggering amount of cash involved, and the high-profile individuals listed owning accounts at off-shore banks overseas.

Unfortunate as it turned out to be, the speaker was indifferent towards the opposition leader’s request, leading the opposition leader to accuse the speaker of acting in defence of the high profile individuals named in the Pandora Papers.

Although there is no national law restricting individuals from having off-shore bank accounts overseas, the high-profile individuals and the unexplained amount of cash held by them raises questions over their integrity.

The public are rightly so alarmed by the contents of the Pandora Papers. People are asking, “Why do they keep their billions in off-shore banks? Are our banks not safe enough?”

Patriot is cognisant of the fact that the...

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