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COMMENT | M'sia fails to return Indira Gandhi’s daughter but preaches human rights?

COMMENT | Malaysia getting a seat (again) on the United Nations Human Rights Council is one of the many reasons why many view the United Nations with disdain. I am not going into the various other reasons why people have disdain for the UN but countries like Malaysia preaching about human rights is one of the more obvious reasons.

Let us be clear. We have all these political operatives from Umno, Bersatu, PAS and Pejuang talking about the “evils” of liberalism, pluralism and Western values but at the same time, they want to lecture the world on human rights? I mean what are they offering in return, what kind of value system are they offering in lieu of “Western values”?

Let us talk about that value system Malaysia is offering, using the kidnapping of Indira Gandhi’s daughter as an example. Right now, the Kuala Lumpur High Court has set a date for a hearing of a suit by Indira alleging that “…the IGP had deliberately and negligently disregarded a mandamus order issued by the Federal Court in failing to investigate or take appropriate action to return her daughter, Prasana Diksa, who is now 13 years old.”

Keep in mind that...

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