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COMMENT | The EU’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific region

COMMENT | The world’s centre of gravity is moving to the Indo-Pacific region, in geo-economic and geo-political terms.

Recently, the decision by Australia, the UK and the US to deepen their security and defence ties (the so-called Aukus group) has certainly triggered a lot of debate on the underlying dynamics in the region and how partners can best respond.

As the EU, we have a big stake in the future of the region and, we believe, a big contribution to make as well. That is why we published our own Indo-Pacific strategy last month.

Its central message is that the EU is ready to step up its engagement 'in' and 'with' the region, working on issues where we have long cooperated, such as trade and investment, but also expanding this to areas where there is scope to do more.

For example, collaborating on shared global challenges like climate action and the digital transition, or on common security challenges like cyber and maritime security.

Why is the EU adopting a new Indo-Pacific strategy now?...

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