COMMENT | A ‘wanted’ bulletin titillates but is it an ominous notice?

COMMENT | The movement control order (MCO) imposed in March last year saw the end of live shows. Musicians and stand-up comedians including Jason Leong, Harith Iskander, Alan Perera and the like resorted to online rib-tickling episodes with their wit and humour.

Now, unwittingly and perhaps inadvertently, the police have joined in providing “fun” but not the much-needed comic relief. Malaysians have been amused by a public appeal – complete with a “wanted” poster - for information on the Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, following an arrest warrant which was issued against her in September.

I am amused because she was in the news two days ago. If the police aren’t already aware, she is in London and by referring to recent media reports, they would have confirmed her location.

On Tuesday...

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