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COMMENT | Timah shows that we don’t tolerate ridiculousness anymore

COMMENT | I know that the Timah whiskey issue is a waste of time to think about. It’s just a name and it shouldn’t be made into such a big fuss.

The fact that it was brought up in Parliament was just ridiculous. This same ridiculousness has happened so many times over the years. There was the ‘hotdog’ issue, and then the ‘root beer’ issue. It’s just ridiculous. I did write about it last week.

But this week, as much as I wanted to forget the whole debacle, I couldn’t help but think a little bit more about it. I guess yellow journalism runs strong in my veins. We don’t want to give it much attention, but the satisfaction of bitching about is just so… satisfying!

In all the discussions that I have had about this issue, and this includes even being on talk shows and panels talking about it, many people have expressed that this is an indicator that Malaysia is regressing.

They say things like “What is happening to Malaysia?”, “When did our society become so close-minded?” or “Are we becoming a Taliban state?”.

However, I think that this particular incident with the Timah whiskey proves that this is exactly the opposite...

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