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COMMENT | Malacca polls: Leadership revivals and rivals

COMMENT | Malacca voters go to the polls in a week with the outcome set to determine the landscape for the 15th general election expected next year.

A victory for Umno/BN, a drubbing for Perikatan Nasional (PN), and setbacks for Pakatan Harapan are all being touted as possible outcomes in a state contest that remains up in the air.

Nearly 80 percent of the seats are competitive, with a quarter of the seats (seven) too close to call at this juncture.

The election is still taking shape, as many voters are not really tuning into the campaign, with the outcome for Malacca and the nation still in the balance.

Many ask, why does this election matter beyond Malacca? So far, the focus what this means for the respective parties.

Here, in my second piece on the election, I suggest that Malacca polls will shape the national leadership landscape...

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