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COMMENT | Malacca: Covid forcing voter 'flight to security'?

COMMENT | Almost overnight, Malacca has come alive as weak parties and even weaker coalitions are making their final push in close races.

The state remains highly competitive, with now 43 percent (12) of the seats too close to call and only 21 percent (6) of the seats secure for the parties contesting.

Every vote will count and, in this regard, whether outstation voters return to vote and Covid-worried voters come out will determine the outcome.

The political terrain has shifted in the past few days. A critical change involves a flush of funds into the state. While it has not rained in a few days, it is raining ringgit – lots of ringgit.

There are also more people on the roads with non-Malacca cars, signalling some are coming home to vote.

The awakened campaigns are making their final appeals, with walkabouts and press conferences.

A last-minute emotive campaign issue of...

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