COMMENT | Harapan's old guard must make the ultimate sacrifice - step down

COMMENT | It’s been two days since Pakatan Harapan’s defeat in the Malacca polls, and time has allowed for a more sober review of what went wrong for the opposition and what it could have done better.

But even without a clouded vision, one point still juts out. It is time for Harapan’s old guard to make the ultimate sacrifice and step down.

Here are two major things we can glean from Saturday’s election:

  1. The majority of Malay voters are still not attracted to Harapan, and the boost in support it got when Bersatu was with the coalition has followed the party to Perikatan Nasional (PN); and
  2. There is disenfranchisement among Harapan supporters, a large number of whom are believed to have skipped the elections.

Harapan must address both issues quickly if it wants a fighting chance in the next general election.

The solution for both problems must realistically include a refresh in Harapan that can’t be done without sacrifices.

Since PKR's and Amanah's appeal among Malays has likely plateaued, it is DAP that must make more inroads among the community.

But this can’t be done with the old guard...

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