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COMMENT | Nadma's Abdul Latiff: Arrogant, incompetent and unapologetic

COMMENT | Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Special Functions) Abdul Latiff Ahmad, who heads the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma), is himself a disaster on two legs.

When asked to resign over his shoddy handling of the flood disaster relief, Latiff (above) made no attempt to hide his self-conceit and arrogance, when he said, "I have been (an elected representative) for six terms without any problems."

Really? Are we supposed to be impressed with his long tenure as an MP? His boast about being an MP for six terms cuts no ice with most of us. It is meaningless and smacks of self-importance. Nevertheless, he has given us a useful insight into himself, and members of his constituency.

I know of a few villages in northern Perak which will remain nameless. The people in the constituency hardly see their MP, but in the few months before the general election, he pays them a visit, organises a few kenduri, perhaps slaughter a few goats, gets the local council to repair...

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