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COMMENT | Saving Malaysia through social media mobilisation

COMMENT | The great floods of 2021 are a sordid way to end the year for countless Malaysians who have been devastated and ravaged by this catastrophe.

This finale to 2021 is yet another crisis that is afflicting Malaysians since Covid in 2020.

As people are desperately trying to clean their homes and rebuild their lives, the government has been heavily criticised for its glacial and poor response to this crisis.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob made a public speech several days after the initial floods to address his administration’s weakness in handling the situation but also stressed that “everyone should be accountable”.

This will be seen as ironic given the lack of accountability that members of his administration demonstrated in the weeks that followed.

Thanks to avid Malaysians online, who are closely watching the actions of government officials in this crisis, dozens of political gaffes...

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