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COMMENT | What does it mean to be Malaysian?

COMMENT | It is always the politicians, either those who wield power or those who want to be in power, who have a problem with what it means to be Malaysian.

Some leaders place more importance on being a Malay than being Malaysian. Others equate eating with chopsticks with not being Malaysian. Why do they find it difficult to understand what being Malaysian means?

In the past two years, this majority Malay cabinet has lurched from one disaster to another. Perhaps, the Malays and Muslims in government could do with a Christmas story to cheer them up a bit.

If the cabinet is not aware, the true Malaysian was seen in several places last week, wading through waist-high muddy waters, helping to rescue their fellow Malaysians in flood-hit communities.

There were Malaysian helping other Malaysians. Race, religion and social class did not matter to them.

The true Malaysian was seen carrying babies...

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