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COMMENT | In my mind, the government that we have is still a caretaker government. Yes, I do know that legally, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri and his cabinet is legally the government, but everything that led to this current lineup has been a big farce for me. From the Sheraton Move to whatever move after that, the rakyat had no say in anything.

But I also understand and support the fact that the instability that was happening at that time was not good for the country. I rallied behind the decision for everyone to just support a government, no matter a simple majority (or no majority!), as long as there is some sort of confidence and supply agreement between the parties.

I guess this actually did happen. I would have also liked a vote of confidence in Parliament to happen as promised. It didn’t work that way, but again, it’s been too much chaos and we needed it to stop. So, we may be unhappy about it, but we are going to let it be, just as long as any promises made in the agreement are kept.

To be honest...

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