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COMMENT | Now, the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board is under scrutiny

COMMENT | If the image of the MACC is on a free fall, the reputation of its Anti-Corruption Advisory Board (ACAB) is in a tail-spin.

The exoneration of its chief, Azam Baki, by the ACAB through its chairperson Abu Zahar Ujang (above) over the issues of share trading has brought to the fore the frailties and weaknesses in the system.

Abu Zahar’s acceptance of Azam’s explanation last Wednesday that he allowed his brother to use his account resulted in scorn being poured on both for belittling the intelligence of the people.

On Saturday, six ACAB members provided further aggravation by disassociating themselves with the statement made by Abu Zahar.

Abu Zahar’s so-called tell-all press conference was held on Wednesday and it took a full three days for the six members to disavow their agreement with Abu Zahar’s statement.

To recap, this is what... 

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