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COMMENT | A long-standing, never-ending natural disaster

COMMENT | Should a giant meteor flies through the sky, hits the ground with the energy of 10 billion atom bombs and wipe off much of the earth’s flora and fauna and almost all of mankind, it would not be within our control.

What about a natural disaster?

That’s talking about floods; which we also cannot prevent.

But we have the means and expertise to manage it; except that we seem not to be doing it properly due to poor coordination among the authorities that matter.

The pronoun "we" I’m referring to here includes the weather experts, the ecology exponents, the environmental specialists, the disaster management bodies and the political analysts who are always so clever to spot loopholes in the professionals’ point of view.

It also refers to the rest of us who are so apt at haphazardly dumping our household wastes and construction remains that we don’t really care...

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