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COMMENT | I hate waiting for the elevator!

COMMENT | One of the most stressful daily activities I have to endure these days is waiting for the elevator.

With elevator spaces limited to a maximum of four people at one time following the Covid-19 SOP, the average time I spend waiting for it at my 21-floor apartment building with only two elevators, is approximately 15 to 25 minutes.

During daily peak hours and on the weekends, it gets much worse. Children, students and adults end up lining up for quite some time, waiting for the damn elevator.

Normally I’d just talk myself into taking the stairs. After all, despite my clicking knees, climbing to my place on the 6th floor is very doable. Of course, I’d end up huffing and puffing (and holding my pee) by the time I reach home, but hey at least I get to save my precious time.

Last week, I sprained my ankle badly and taking the stairs wasn’t an option anymore. For the entire week, I had to spend up to a bloody 40 minutes waiting for the elevator!

Every time the elevator door opened as I waited patiently like a dog, four pairs of annoyed eyes would be staring at me from inside the cube. Their annoyance is understandable since they’d probably had to stop at every floor on their way down.

In fact, having the elevator door open with a full house time after time again, I share their annoyance. I reckon anyone who shares similar experiences waiting for elevators would feel the same...

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