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COMMENT | M’sians are crying out for credible leadership

COMMENT | Currently, our beloved nation is crying out for credible leadership that provides a clear sense of direction and upholds good governance, accountability, transparency, rule of law, and above all, is responsive to the needs and aspirations of its citizens.

Malaysians from all walks of life are disgusted, angry and fed up with the directionless, incompetent and highly corrupt leadership as exemplified by several political leaders and senior civil servants and which has resulted in a chronic trust deficit.

For the record, the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index in Malaysia decreased to 51 points in 2020 from 53 points in 2019. The 2020 Auditor-General’s Report highlighted RM620 million losses or wastages by federal ministries and departments due to non-compliance with stipulated financial management procedures. To top it all, our political leaders have no qualms in appointing unqualified and incompetent people to important positions in government-linked companies.

Some of these tainted/flawed political leaders and senior civil servants not only lack competence but are also guilty of grossly misusing authority and power for personal gain. They have no qualms about taking credit for successes not due to their efforts while blaming others, including the media, for their blunders. They are prepared to shamelessly lie to cover up their corrupt behaviour. And they proceed to reward undeserving subordinates who are ‘yes-men’ and the greatest enemy of quality improvement and the progress of the nation.

Consequently, an increasing number of Malaysians are pessimistic about the future of Malaysia, with some already predicting that it will soon be categorised as a “failed state” if nothing...

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