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COMMENT | Sure, make noise now but don’t forget to vote

COMMENT | I’ve always seen myself as part of Malaysia’s youth. But honestly, I grew up in the grunge era and count Soundgarden, Nirvana and Weezer as my favourite bands. My favourite television shows are ‘Macgyver’, ‘The A-Team’ and ‘Knight Rider’. So I guess I’m probably about to leave my youth behind.

But that doesn’t mean I have lost the vigour of youth. Or so I want to believe! I am very excited to see how the young people of Malaysia have been so passionate about social and political issues around them. With Undi18 going on strong and Muda coming up, it looks like interesting times.

It looks like there could just be a changing of the guards in Malaysian politics, which is definitely a good thing seeing that our country’s leadership have seen the same old faces for decades now. A fresh, new and young Malaysia sounds like an interesting prospect.

The latest addition to the Muda team has seen some interesting reactions among Malaysians, especially...

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