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COMMENT | Johor election shows there's no hope for future

COMMENT | The Johor state election has just concluded with a big thud for the forces of reform just as it did after the Malacca polls.

I have been reading analysis upon analysis then and now, and somehow I must say I am puzzled why no one seemed to see why the results are such. But then it is no surprise, wisdom is not conventional.

Most people, especially the elite class of commentators who de-cry the Bangsar Bubble, as if they are not of it, what more if they have been invested in the fortunes of political elites and dynasties and their narrative over decades now, cannot bring themselves to accept the reality on the ground. 

Me, I've lived amongst our people in the forests and seen their pain and hurt. I've gone to kampungs and sat with makcik and pakcik whilst my fellow lawyers and I defend cases no one cares about.

Yes, in spite of what the internet says.  I've gone and sat on a routine basis having my favourite cockles and invites...

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