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COMMENT | Roll out the red carpet for Rosmah

COMMENT | In Malaysia, you do or die. You do not procrastinate.

Our judiciary had a chance to jail the convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak, but didn't. With every passing day since his SRC International trial, Najib has sapped our energy and sanity. His supporters believe that he is innocent and demand that his slate be wiped clean.

Law-abiding citizens are losing faith and trust in the institutions which should be protecting them, and that includes the judiciary.

Meanwhile, Najib struts around like a prime-minister-in-waiting. He engaged an American PR firm to spruce up his dented image. Despite the damaging testimonies during the trial of the Goldman Sachs banker, Roger Ng, Najib has sailed from strength to strength. The cherry on the cake being the Umno win in Johor.

When he is finally installed once more as PM, Najib will say, "I told you so! Cash is king...

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