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COMMENT | Muda, younger generation should start with our real history

COMMENT | For the country to have any hope for change - real change - from the toxic racial politics that we have endured especially since May 13, 1969, it is imperative that Muda, the younger generation of politicians, and especially all wannabe political leaders go back to learning about history - the real history and not any reinvented, perverted or opportunistic one. 

Whatever the election battle cry used - “Malaysia First”, “Resetting Malaysia”, “Saving Malaysia” - chapter one of this real history from which the future is to be shaped must begin with what was agreed upon in the formulation of the country’s constitution by all the country’s stake players who debated and negotiated for many months on the principles that were needed to ensure an independent, united, free and democratic Malaya. 

Our founding fathers did not include only the members of the Reid Commission tasked with making recommendations “for a form of Constitution for a fully self-governing and independent Malaya within the Commonwealth”.

They also included...

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