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COMMENT | Cyberbullying and callousness in our education system

COMMENT | Just as March 2022 comes to an end, Malaysians were shocked to encounter a now viral video of a local university professor reacting to news that one of her students did not have a laptop to attend class.

She grew more irate as she badgered the student about his family status before continuing to berate him and his family for not prioritising his university education. She ends her rant by exclaiming her overall displeasure with teaching “B40” students (a local shorthand for working class or those living in poverty).

The video has become an overnight sensation, dividing Malaysians into two camps: those who support the student and those who support the professor.

Malaysians in support of the student were critical of the professor’s lack of professionalism, decorum, compassion and empathy. Those who came to the support of the professor highlighted the fact that students these days are too easily affected by “tough love” or a talking down. Some argued that the video should not have been circulated on social media, especially when it lacked proper context.

Within 24 hours, the university released a public statement... 

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