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COMMENT | Thank you Foo Fighters for the soundtrack of my life

COMMENT | Saturday mornings are usually when I would sleep in since I would have been playing basketball till the wee hours of the night. But last Saturday was different.

I was woken by a message on WhatsApp by my friend, the prominent artist and illustrator Arif Rafhan Othman (aka Apan). It was a link to a news article that carried the headline 'Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins dead at 50'.

Apan: "Haish!"

Zan: "Ish!"

And that was our exchange for the entire day. There was really nothing left to say after that. I knew that this day would come, but I was preparing myself more for when frontman Dave Grohl would die. I never really gave much thought to any of the others on the band dying. But it still hit hard.

Back when it was 1995, I was 17 years old and was following my mother on a work trip to Kemaman. She was having a meeting, and I was just walking around the town, and I stepped into a small music store. While browsing, I saw...

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