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COMMENT | Wan Fayhsal, the feeling is mutual

COMMENT | If the Malays need protection, as claimed by Deputy National Unity Minister Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal, then they must be kept safe from low-calibre career politicians like him.

Wan Fayhsal lacks imagination and is bereft of ideas to motivate Malaysians. He acted irresponsibly when he insulted the Malays with his allegation that they were weak and insecure. As a deputy unity minister, he is supposed to bring all the communities together. He should not promote scaremongering or fan anti-racial sentiments.

Wan Fayhsal said, "Why do you think the Malay votes came to us when we left Harapan? It’s because of the assurance that we are no longer kowtowing to Harapan’s brand of liberal politics.”

What does he mean by Pakatan Harapan's "brand of liberal politics"...

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