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COMMENT | Come GE15, Sheraton traitors will have to go
COMMENT | I’m not sure whether I was able to fully understand PKR president Anwar Ibrahim when he stated recently that Pakatan Harapan was not in a ‘big tent’ discussion and he would not stop negotiating with other parties.

First, he said there’s no need for a ‘big tent’ which I understood as there’s no necessity for all the opposition parties to unite as one force or come together under one ‘big tent’. The parties are still free to go their own way.

Okay, no need for the ‘big tent’ but then, Anwar also qualified that Harapan must not be seen as arrogant and refuse to talk with other parties when approached.

Hello, I’m not sure I understand this, Anwar. Are you telling your Harapan colleagues that they must be nice at all times, even to their sworn enemies and traitors, particularly those involved in the Sheraton putsch of February 2020?

Does this mean you are directing your PKR people to also negotiate with...
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