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COMMENT | Make way for our new road VIPs - budak lajak

COMMENT | Say a young punk often races illegally in his Ferrari. All he cares about is the thrill of speeding. And showing off how “bravely” he can sapu (sweep) corners. He even illegally modifies his car to go much faster.

One night, he recklessly sprinted onto a poorly-lit highway from a curving side road. A truck driver, who could not stop or avoid him in time, smashed into the Ferrari and killed the punk. The trucker was following the speed limit and not drunk.

Whose fault is it? Most people would say padan muka to the punk. People usually react emotionally as such luxury cars are a symbol of some super-rich, entitled people who tend to behave like spoiled brats.

So, the speed junkie got what he deserved because he was irresponsible and foolhardy. Moreover, he broke laws on speed limits and car modifications.

But wait… then “the system” decides, no, it was the truck driver who is to blame. What? Why? Because how can anybody kill a Ferrari driver and escape punishment? That somehow seems so “wrong”, so “unfair”, says "the system".

The trucker is then thrown into jail. People are confused, even angry. Perhaps the first thing they would ask is: was the punk the son of some VVIP? Who was “entitled” to protection as part of the so-called “public interest”? Even though he was breaking laws?

Since issues are easily racialised in Malaysia, what would the gossip be like if the Ferrari driver was named Tengku so-and-so? And the trucker was some regular Joe called Ah Keong?

Now, swap the Ferrari with basikal lajak...

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