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COMMENT | Wee Ka Siong’s ban on e-scooters is short-sighted

COMMENT | So one smart minister wants to "improve" our national transport by banning small e-scooters and other micro-mobility vehicles from roads. Dear sir, as you cruise around in the air-conditioned comfort of your chauffeur-driven limousine, perhaps you may not be aware how poorly used our public transport system is.

Only 21 percent of Malaysians utilise public buses and the LRT/MRT, a huge shortfall from the government’s own target of 40 percent.

The main problem is what’s called the “last-mile connection” – that is, getting from our homes to the bus stops or LRT/MRT stations. And then, after getting off, going to our final destination. This is precisely where e-scooters play a role.

Instead of forcing people to walk under the hot sun for long distances in our sprawling terrace housing areas to get to the bus/train stops, they can ride on their e-scooters, and then take them along with them aboard the bus or train. They can then be used after disembarking, to ride to the final destination.

Oh, why can’t people take a Grab from their homes to the station, and then to the final destination? Hello, that entails playing for four Grab rides to get to/fro just one place. Not everybody is as wealthy as our well-paid transport minister, especially those who use public...

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