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COMMENT | Nurul Izzah is right, Harapan is 'badly wounded' now

COMMENT | Just as I was about to comment on Nurul Izzah Anwar’s apology for her less than positive remarks about Pakatan Harapan, came another “strong justification” why I think she is on the dot.

Let us look at Nurul Izzah’s party, PKR. It is now clear to all that PKR is at its weakest, viewed at any angle and in any direction.

Why so? The key factor is weak leadership at the very top, followed by continuous and prolonged internal strife, too many overly ambitious and impatient second echelon leaders, lack of commitment and loyalty to the party and outdated and unsaleable slogans.

So, when Nurul Izzah (above) predicted that Pakatan Harapan will lose two more general elections, I have to say that I agree with her. Why, because she is a realist with very realistic views, minus the beating-round-the-bush nonsense...

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