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MP SPEAKS | 8 suggestions to improve traffic flow speed at toll booths

MP SPEAKS | At the beginning of this year, Plus caused motorists on the North-South Expressway major headaches by closing down the SmartTag lanes and replacing them with MyRFID lanes.

Not surprisingly, many motorists were caught by surprise, and long queues were spotted at the MyRFID lanes, probably because some motorists thought they could use their SmartTag at these lanes and because some motorists may not have properly installed their MyRFID tags. Malaysians, being the creative people we are, came up with an alternative version for the RFID acronym - Reverse Forward Insyallah Detect.

This led to the decision by the government to force Plus to put back the SmartTag lanes but with one MyRFID lane still available for those who wanted to migrate to this toll payment system. I want to share my own personal experience of using MyRFID since March 2022 and propose some recommendations on how to improve the toll payment infrastructure in Malaysia moving forward.

I started using MyRFID in March 2022 when I was campaigning in Johor during the state elections. I noticed that many of the toll lanes...

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