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COMMENT | A critical consumer review is not a criminal offence
“The restaurant was ‘beautiful but that was about it’. Like Swedish furniture store IKEA, ‘it looks good but the quality is poor’. We had no sides delivered and so I asked the waiter if they were on the way. At this point, the response became very short and blunt as if I had made a mistake. Staff then came mid-meal and warned us that we had 30 minutes (to finish) so that we could allow others to use the table as there is a quick turnover time.”

COMMENT | The above comments were from a customer who visited Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et steakhouse in London last year where a gold-covered tomahawk steak can cost GBP1,450 (about RM8,000) and a single serving of Coke for GBP9 (RM50).

This was published on Trip Advisor and there are thousands of similar reviews and complaints on other travel platforms. Closer to home, specific groups have been set up on social media outlets to rate restaurants.

One specifically is called “Indian Restaurant Cut Throats” but not all comments are negative. There are many related to pricing and quality, but as expected, acceptance has always been subjective and sometimes a matter of personal taste.

Views are expressed, supported, disagreed, varied, debated, and it is left to the reader to come to his or her conclusions.

Occasionally, restaurant owners will weigh in with their explanation but it is left to the reader to accept or reject such remarks.

But a video clip lasting just under three minutes from a disgruntled customer has drawn in the police, who have...
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