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COMMENT | With 5G, are we truly ready?

COMMENT | We have all heard about 5G, the fifth generation of technology, the successor of 4G, as they called it. There are surmountable benefits to the rolling out of 5G in nation-building.

Moving towards the development of smart cities, progressing in telemedicine and healthcare monitoring solutions, greater innovation in business productivity and automation, and an increase in connectivity with low latency communication, to name a few. The benefits speak for themselves that they will make our lives easier and better, so to say.

But, ever so forward in development, more people are seen to be left further behind.

The notion of nation-building to focus on technological and digital progression would be a good competitive approach if we were to look outwards. Looking inwards, I believe there are other priorities that need to be realised and aligned. Especially those that are interconnected to economic disparity...

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