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COMMENT | National Sports Council’s bailout stinks to high heavens

“What was initially supposed to be a funding agency to nurture, support and facilitate the enhancement of the standard of sports has turned out differently. The ministry and the National Sports Council have turned into an uncontrollable monster because of the money at its disposal.”

Malaysiakini, May 24 

COMMENT | On the same day I wrote the above, proceedings in the High Court in Kuala Lumpur provided the perfect anecdote in the form of evidence to verify and authenticate what I had written.

At the trial of former deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the court heard that Yayasan Akalbudi, which he heads, provided an RM1.3 million “advance” to the police football club seven years ago.

Zahid, who is facing 47 criminal charges, said he came to know from his son-in-law (Zul Hisham Zainal) that 45 police football players and staff had not been paid their salaries and allowances for four months.

This, he said, made it difficult for them to pay house rents, car loans and support their family members. Zahid said the National Sports Council (NSC) later reimbursed RM1 million to the legal firm of Messrs Lewis & Co, which was managing the funds.

In money laundering parlance, it would be described as “layering”, but I make these remarks with a caveat – I am not in the least alluding that these monies were “layered” lest I get a “love letter” from his lawyers.

These comments are by no means... 

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