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COMMENT | Rafizi’s win augurs well for PKR and GE15 chances
COMMENT | Rafizi Ramli’s clear win for the deputy president’s post at PKR, which will be formalised next month, augurs well for a resurgence of the beleaguered party provided it closes ranks, makes some hard decisions and works with its core partners.

Rafizi is known as a tireless worker - he throws his heart, soul and mind into what he believes in. His contribution to Pakatan Harapan’s victory in GE14 is considerably under-rated in favour of that old fox, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who conned a whole nation into believing he won the elections for Harapan.

Those who know and have worked with him give Rafizi a lot of credit for the GE14 victory through his relentless campaigning and his data-based strategising using results of surveys from Invoke, the non-profit research outfit he set up and managed. Not to mention, his numerous exposes, one of which landed him at the doorstep of prison and cost him to forgo an MP’s seat at GE14.

In fact, Rafizi was one of the few - very few - who predicted that Harapan would win GE14 while people like Mahathir said after the elections that Harapan’s manifesto was flawed because Harapan was not expected to win, an excuse not to implement parts of the manifesto.

A video produced barely two weeks before the May 2018 elections by one of our social commentators, Allan Perera, who adroitly uses song and pictures to send his messages across, exemplifies Rafizi’s role better than any...

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