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COMMENT | Mandatory death penalty abolition just one small step
COMMENT | There have been several shows on Netflix and other streaming platforms that have been focusing on life behind bars. One of them is the popular series called Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons. Basically, the title describes it all.

Raphael Rowe is the host of the show, and he looks at all the toughest prisons around the world. In fact, he actually goes in and spends nights and days as an inmate in order to experience how it is.

What is unique about the show is that Rowe, who is now a journalist, used to be an inmate in a UK prison. He was wrongfully convicted for murder and aggravated assault in 1990 and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was eventually released after around 12 years from Old Bailey.

So, by hosting the show, Rowe is able to give a unique insight into the lives of the prisoners through the comparison of his own experience.

Another show that I found interesting is...

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