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COMMENT | Police will not investigate PAS ulama wing chief
"Therefore, the claim that (Bon Odori) was strictly a cultural event does not have enough merit."

- PAS ulama wing chief Ahmad Yahaya

COMMENT | PAS is flexing its muscles by publicly disagreeing with the Selangor sultan regarding the Bon Odori festival. It should surprise nobody that this rejoinder is coming from the ulama wing of PAS.

While PAS political operatives are busy challenging the court cluster in Umno, its religious minions are testing the bulwarks of the pillars of ketuanan politics to see if breaches, and then usurpation, are possible.

Ahmad Yahaya (above) did three things. First, he publicly disagreed with the head of the religion of a state, thereby implying that the sultan is not fluent in religious dogma - and thereby challenging the words of the Selangor state ruler.

Secondly, he encourages, one could even...

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